Current Projects

Recent projects include the restoration of our Scottish Rite auditorium with all new seats, restoration of the murals, new carpet and paint restoration. This at a cost of nearly $1,000,000. The roof over the entire building has been replaced also at a cost of nearly $1,000,000. The great lounge on the first floor was restored to how it looked in 1928 when the Masonic Center was dedicated.

Duing the summer of 2011 the six 1957 steam boilers were removed and replaced with two new Bryan steam boilers. This project was entirely paid for through the generosity of the Richard Schiewetz Foundation. The Schiewetz foundation has committed to a 3 to 1 match to help us install air conditioning in the Masonic Center. This will allow year around utiliztion of the Masonic Center by Masons and our Dayton Community. The greater utilizaion of the Masonic Center by the Dayton community will help us offset some expenses of the Masonic Center operation helping assure the long term economic health of the Historic Masonic Center.