Maintaining One of Dayton’s Oldest & Most Beautiful Landmarks

The Masonic Temple Building is located in the City of Dayton and is listed on the United States Register of Historical Properties. The Foundation will maintain the building in its original condition.

The Foundation will support organizations in the area who promote and inspire individuals to serve their community and country, by providing these various tax-exempt organizations with a place to conduct programs related to their organizations.

The Foundation will provide general scholarships to assist deserving students from the fourteen-county area in attaining a higher education.

The Foundation will provide grants to qualified exempt organizations who administer to the poor and needy of the communities in the Valley of Dayton.

Current Projects


The roof repair alone cost over $702,000. We spent about $200,000 on necessary masonry work in preparation for the roof replacement project. This will give us a solid roof over our heads for years to come. Also we have completed the complet restoration with new seats of our auditorium and recently finished a complete restoration of our Great Lounge on the first floor. All this was done with our members contributions to this Foundation.

Future Projects


There are many more major projects needing attention and with your help and support, we will return our Temple to its original splendor. Any individual may contribute to the Dayton Masonic Foundation and receive a letter confirming this donation, which is deductible for Federal Income Tax purposes.



Your contributions to the Dayton Masonic Foundation are working. Many positive activities are going on in the building. The building parapets and penthouse walls have been repaired. Masonry joints and tuck-pointing have been completed on the top 9 feet of building. The exterior of the building has now been cleaned, repaired, tuck-pointed and sealed and […]