The Neil and Willa Jean Smalley Children’s Dyslexia Center Valley of Dayton

The Neil and Willa Jean Smalley Children’s Dyslexia Center Valley of Dayton for Children with dyslexia is a free of charge service supported by the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite, Valley of Dayton, under The Supreme Council.

“We provide a much needed service to the Dayton community, with no regard to race, color, sex, creed, sect, or Masonic affiliation. The Learning Center provides a warm, welcoming environment for your child, and we hope this web site will act as your guide to the center, as well as dyslexia in general.”

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The Masonic Center

The DMC is one of the most beautiful buildings in the Miami Valley area. The elegant charm and Victorian styling is reminiscent of the great mansions of an older more refined era. Want your wedding, reception or other special event to be unique? We provide all that you need at an affordable rate.

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Dayton AASR

The Valley of Dayton is the fifth largest Valley in the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction, falling behind Indianapolis, IN – Cincinnati, OH – Harrisburg, PA, and Columbus, OH in that order.

The first class to go through the Valley was in 1880 and we have had more than 250 classes to date.

“Our membership now stands at 8500 plus and covers fourteen counties in west central Ohio. And of course, as in all Masonic bodies, members come from all walks of life. Along this line of who we are, we have five Past Grand Masters in The Valley of Dayton.”

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